Family Photo Fun

We just had our fall family photos done, and I thought I would share some tips on how to get a good family pic:
1. Make sure everyone is well-rested
2. Make sure everyone is in a good mood
3. Make sure everyone sits still and listens to the photographer’s directions
Hope you’re laughing, because I sure am. Getting family picture-ready can seem like coordinating a circus act. You will probably end up with about 100 photos where there’s at least one person who looks like a total mess (a tie between me and Baby A), but then you will get a dozen that will melt your heart. Those select few will make for such a beautiful memory that you’ll totally forget when your one kid had that twenty-minute meltdown, tried to rip off all of his clothes, kept running off, and refused to look at the camera.
I’m no pro, but here are some things I did (and wish I had done) to make the day less stressful, that I hope will work for you too.
1. Schedule at a time you know your little ones are not usually napping. Can’t guarantee a pleasant mood, but at least their eyes will be open!
2. Choose your outfits weeks ahead of time (and not just in your head…like actually order them or pull them from the closets). Don’t be like me – my first choice arrived two days after the photo shoot took place.
3. Start with your outfit first (because if you are the one making this whole thing happen, it’s only fair you get to choose what you like best!). Then start pulling outfits from everyone else’s closets that coordinate with yours. They don’t have to match…but colors should complement one another. Add an accessory such as scarf, cardigan, vest, jacket, bowtie, hairbow, necklace, etc. to get the color theme to run throughout the fam.
4. Once you have a variety of outfits, lay them out on a bed close together and see how the colors look together. Keep switching them up until you’re happy with the result.
The actual photoshoot:
5. BRIBE BRIBE BRIBE. Bonus points if your outfit has pockets, because you can fill them with all sorts of treats. “And here’s an m&m for you and you and you…”
6. Create a playlist. My toddler’s favorite song right now is Baby Shark…so needless to say, that was on repeat. (I’m so so sorry if I just got that stuck in your head. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, go buy a lottery ticket, because you are one lucky duck!)
7. Bring a toy/stuffed animal that’s sure to get a laugh and have your photographer wave it in front of the camera. “Oh hey there Elmo!”
8. Allow them to let out some energy in between takes! Whether it’s rocking out to that favorite song, or running around the park, this is an instant mood booster…totally worked for Mr. Lilac : )
9. Choose a photographer who is patient and specializes in working with families. Love my photographer Jennifer Cruz Photography. If you are local to the NJ, PA, or DE area, check her out!
It was all worth it!

Sitting still for more than a second!

I need to take some posing tips from this one!

He’s smiling cause I’m holding a pack of M&M’s!

This is more accurate!

Outfit details:
–>Dress (one other color, size down if between): –>Boots: –>Scarf (I cut in half, soo soft):
Mr. Lilac’s:
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