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My New Home Office

So you may recall me posting the girly office of my dreams a few short years ago. And while I’m still swooning over it, after spending more time at home these past couple of years, and TJ now working from home a couple of days a week, we needed to rethink our office space.  I mean TJ was not really digging my purple chair and  pretty floral decals in the background of his Zoom calls. Can’t really blame him haha. 

These past few months we’ve been converting our first floor playroom/gym into an office space that we both love.  We moved some of the kiddos’ toys into the sideboard and storage bench in my office, and the rest went into the basement  (which is another project we are currently working on…more to come).  We added French doors to this space to create a more elegant look and now we have a beautiful place to work. 

Chandelier  | Desk | Rug

An accent wall was a must (and makes an excellent Zoom background)! The paint color is Van Courtland Blue by Benjamin Moore. 

Waste Basket | Organizer

This desk is even more stunning in person, spacious and sturdy.  It came unfinished so we decided to stain it.   More desks here and here to get a similar look. 


Also obsessed with my gorgeous, comfy quilted new rolling chair.  

Map | Sideboard | Artificial Flowers | Planter | Fake Ivy

Love the shades of blue on this pretty map I found on Amazon. 

While this sideboard is absolutely stunning on its own, thought it was the perfect place to display some fav decor items. 

And that floral arrangement in the corner…that was a lil’ DIY project I took on. Way more time consuming than I thought it would be, but I’m super happy with the outcome!

Shop the available decor items here:  

Seat Cushion | Faux Fur Pillow Covers | Yellow Pillow Covers | Fiddle Leaf Tree Fiddle Leaf Tree Basket

Had to have this window seat/storage bench put in just in case my cat, Ozzie, wants to hang out with me.  

If you need me, I’ll be right here working away! 

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  1. Jaime Fredericks

    Love how your office turned out, especially the bleu accent wall! Any how to info on creating the moldings in your accent wall? What color did you paint the other colors in your office? Thanks!

    1. Lilac and Lip Gloss

      Thank you so much! The accent wall is Van Courtland Blue and the other walls are Stonington Gray — all by Benjamin Moore. Sorry, I don’t have any info regarding how to create the accent wall — the design I chose was complicated, so we had a contractor put it up.

  2. Meloney Thill

    Absolutely love your office!! Do you have info or links to the shelves outside your office doors.

      1. Heather

        I love your floors! What type of wood and color are they? Also, what trim paint color did you use? Thank you!

        1. Lilac and Lip Gloss

          Thanks so much! My floors are European Oak Engineered Hardwood by Johnson Hardwood in Swansea : )

  3. Jessica Sehnem

    Beautiful! Do you recall what color you stained the desk?

    1. Lilac and Lip Gloss

      Thank you! Varathane Will Gray : )

  4. Erin

    What color is the rug? Thanks!

    1. Lilac and Lip Gloss

      Natural gray : )

  5. Jodi

    Your floors are beautiful! I’m also looking at putting in Johnson Hardwood European Oak Engineered Hardwood floors. How long have you had your floors, and have you been happy with them? Finish still nice? How are they in the kitchen with water and liquids?

    1. Lilac and Lip Gloss

      Thank you so much! We’ve had them for 2 years and very happy with them. Because of the natural distressing, the wear an tear doesn’t show as much and haven’t had any issues w/warping after spills.

  6. Candace S

    Where is the plug for your computer since your desk is in.m the center of the room and the rug under it?

    1. Lilac and Lip Gloss

      I don’t keep my laptop plugged in when it’s not in use : )

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