Try-it-on-Thursday at Loft

Loved my try-on sesh at Loft today! So many cute pieces and such helpful sales associates. Now…if only the dressing room lighting would have cooperated – I apologize in advance! I tended to gravitate toward all the pink and all the stripes, and while I don’t wear black all that often I couldn’t resist trying on a plain black sweater – it had eyelet peeking through….who can resist that? I love that their jeans come in petite, every pair I put on fit so well. My lack of sleep caused me to try on

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Try-it-on-Thursday at H&M

This week you sent me to H&M to try on casual looks, and you had spring on the mind! This was my longest try-on sesh yet! I was in the store for over two hours! There was just so much to choose from, and my try-on pile just kept growing and growing! Baby A could not even handle it....he was like "I'm outta here"...and left to take a stroll around the mall with his aunt. With so many new arrivals, there are a whole bunch of looks that aren't even online. So I'll be showing those when they become

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Try-it-on Guy Sesh @ AE

Can you believe I got this guy to take mirror selfies?! Once I finally got him to stop making fun of me (see the pic on my FB page, I chopped his head off I really make that face?!), he totally rocked it! He really is the best!!! With Valentine's Day only being a couple days away, I thought you might want to pick up a some new clothing items to gift your man. So here are some ideas. To see the specific items in each look, just click on the pic and the items will pop up under. Click on

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Try-it-on-Thursday at Kohl’s

This week you sent me to Kohl's...which I was excited about, because I haven't been there in a while! You're gearing up for spring, and some wanted to keep it casual, and some wanted work looks. So I tried on both! Just a side note, as is sometimes the case with in-store shopping, I couldn’t always find my size, so some outfits may look a little big! I did get some feedback from owners of said items (thank you!)…so if you are wondering about the fit, you may want to take a look back at my

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