It’s Sweater Weather Time!

walmartsweatertucked While I am missing my beach and pool time terribly, I am excited for sweater weather season because every weekend seems to be filled with something fun. Last weekend we went on a ghost walk through our town – not gonna lie, kind of freaked me out a little. And this weekend we are going to pick out our pumpkins – always a fun tradition! Hoping we don’t forget to carve them before Halloween hits this year (somehow we never end up getting to it). Between all the fun activities, and celebrations at my kids’ schools, I was on the lookout for cute and comfy sweaters to create some casual looks.

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Top 5 Things I Learned in my Second Year of Blogging

blogging 5. Your trust means everything! One big oops over the summer and I really gained a whole new perspective. I jumped on an Amazon deal that sounded too good to be true and posted it on my FB page …and guess what, it was too good to be true! I usually don’t post unless I’ve tried the item myself or it is something that I would love and has raving reviews (because reality is, I can’t buy everything, although I’d love to).

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