Layering Up with Victoria Emerson Bracelets

I find a way to add on the layers with clothing, no matter the season. All winter I was about the heavy cardis, sweatshirts and Sherpas (partly because I can't deal with the cold, partly because there were so many cute ones), and right now I'm into the open weave cardis and kimonos (because most of the time I'm still cold haha). However, the temps are rising. And when it's too hot to add any more clothing, I pile on the bracelets! I just can't handle it when my arms are completely bare (maybe

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The Countdown to Summer is On…Are You Ready?

I can't believe it! My kinder is done school on Friday....this Friday! And I'm out next week. I feel like I was just complaining about the frigid temps. And while I live for summer, I somehow don't feel ready. If you also have that panging "I'm missing something" feeling, I put together a list of some of my fav Amazon finds and ones that I'm eyeing. All ship Prime, so they'll be on your doorstep before summer (or that vacation you've been looking forward to) even begins.My summer essentials

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