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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is only days away, so I've put together a little gift guide of all things hearts, pinks, and reds that have caught my eye. So treat yourself, or a gal pal! Some of these items will make it to you by the 14th, but if not, most are available for in-store pickup! If you'd rather give your gal pals a subscription service, I have two great ideas for you! 1: For the wine lover! The Oh! La La! Box from Vine Oh! is packed with goodness. Your subscription box will include two bottles of

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Where’d You Go Lilac and Lip Gloss: The Story of How My IG Account Was Held Hostage by Russian Hackers

Sunday’s Super Bowl may have gone down as one of the most boring games in history, but I can tell you that Sunday was anything but boring in my blogging world, and a day I’ll never forget (although I’d really like to).If you don’t follow me on Instagram you wouldn’t have known that I was missing. And even if you do follow me on Instagram, you probably wouldn’t have known that I was missing, because thankfully it was only for 11 hours (11 very nerve racking hours). Here’s what happened:Around 5

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