All Snuggled Up in a Blanket (Scarf)

So I was going to do a tutorial on the many different ways to wear a blanket scarf and how to tie them. But here’s the thing, while I love love love wearing blanket scarves, I really have no clue how to tie them. I kind of just wrap it around my neck, play with it til it looks sort of right, and that’s pretty much it! I’ve read other people’s tutorials…sometimes I can get it to work after a long time of figuring out what they’re trying to tell me, and sometimes I accidentally, almost choke myself.  I have found some YouTube videos helpful though, maybe I’m more of a visual learner?

Anyway, the blanket scarf is one of my favorite accessories – it totally changes up the look of a sweater, blouse, and dress, and is really warm. And who doesn’t like feeling like they are all snuggled up in a blanket… I think I’ve told you how I am pretty much always cold. Wearing a blanket scarf is actually like wearing a blanket. In fact, I’ve been known to actually take it off my neck and wear it as a blanket at outdoor events! And it’s also great for going undercover!

Here are some of my sweater blanket looks:

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With a Cardigan:

With a Dress:

With a Sweater:

As a Blanket:

My Undercover Look:


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