Back to School – Kid Style

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m a summer girl through and through, but as a kid I was always excited for the start of a new school year because it meant shopping for new clothes! And having an end of summer birthday was always a bonus because I would take my birthday money and go to town.
Unfortunately my boys aren’t as crazy about clothes (or shopping) as I am (actually they’ll do pretty much anything to get out of it). But I love shopping for them, and they actually got excited about my fashion finds from Walmart. The boys are so hard on their clothes, that fresh pieces are a must for the new school year. I don’t like to spend much on their clothing because the reality is everything will be covered in yogurt, paint, dirt, and things I can’t even identify in no time.
Walmart has a great selection of kids’ clothes and accessories that are so affordable. The kids will look great and I won’t need to worry about them getting messy.

We’re sending A off to preschool this year. He is obsessed with anything shark related, and he’s so active, being comfy is a must! Had to grab this adorable under $10 set for him.
His sneakers are easy to get on and off – a total plus, since we are always in such a rush in the morning.
The kid cracks me up…he’s already named his shark backpack (meet Finny – he’s under $10!).
I don’t think his lunchbox shark has a name yet. But this guy looks tough – I’m sure he’ll do a great job guarding that sandwich and keeping it cool.

J is starting first grade. Now that he’s a “big kid” he opted for a plain backpack versus a character one. Can’t believe he turned down the superheroes (silent tears streaming down my face over here). This one is a great choice though – it’s sturdy, will hold a bunch of stuff, and he can use it as he gets older. Plus he can always add character keychains and pins if he has a change of heart.
He and I share a love of camo, so there was no debate over this lunchbox that comes with a container.
We went with his favorite color tee and a classic pair of shorts that have an adjustable waistline. Love pieces that can mix and match easily.
J says his sneaks are really comfy, plus they look great, and they are only $15!
As I much as I don’t want summer to end, we’ll be all ready for back to school! Shopping was super easy (didn’t even have to drag the kids to the store, and everything I chose qualified for free two-day shipping on my $35 purchase), allowing us more time to enjoy these limited lazy days.

Shop all of Walmart’s Back to School Fashion here and click below for the pieces J and A are wearing and similar options.

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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