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Back to School Supplies at Walmart

I know it’s only July and it seem like the boys just wrapped up the school year only a few weeks ago… BUT Axel is so so excited to start Kindergarten in the fall, that we decided to start our back to school shopping a little early. 

Walmart has over 100 school supplies for under $1 from the brands we all know and love, so I let the boys go crazy picking out what they wanted. We plan to use some of the items like the Crayola crayons and markers and Elmer’s glue for rainy day craft activities. 

Look at this awesome haul! And everything is under $1. Talking pencils for $0.47, $0.50 Crayola crayons, $0.54 Elmer’s glue sticks, $0.35 notebooks, 0.74 scissors, and so much more!

They also got to pick out their own backpacks all online at from our living room couch. I may have helped pick out the coordinating outfits though. They’d much rather shop online than in store and Walmart makes it so easy and the prices are so good (a two pack of shorts for under $15!).  So happy that offers such a big selection for Back to School! 

Shop all school supplies here and find ours below: 

Find our outfits here: 

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

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