My Hydrafacial Experience

*This post was written in partnership with Ageless Skin & Laser Center. Please note that all opinions are 100% my own.

~“Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.”-Linden Tyler (See my favorite skin care products right now linked at the bottom of the post)

I recently got my FIRST Hydrafacial and it certainly won’t be my LAST. I went to my very favorite place-Ageless Skin and Laser Center. If you are a South Jersey or Philly local, you’ll definitely want to visit and ask for Michele (tell them I sent you)! She is so so knowledgeable and the skin care queen! To see the whole process in more detail, visit my Instagram “beauty” highlights. 

What is a Hydrafacial?

*In a nutshell: A medical-grade resurfacing treatment that nourishes, protects, hydrates, and clears out your pores. Wow!

The Process (can vary depending on your skin needs and any added “boosters”)

  1. Cleanse-Michele cleansed my skin with “hydrafacial wash” and applied a nice warm towel (felt so good)
  2. Exfoliation-The hydrafacial tip removed dead skin (suction-like feel but doesn’t hurt at all) and then Michele applied glycolic acid to my skin to soften it, remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, and prepare it for treatment (may feel some tingling).
  3. Extractions-A new tip was put on (love that they are all disposable) with salicylic acid and sucked away all the blackheads and sebum in my pores (this was my favorite part haha). You can even see all that came out of your skin in the canister of the machine at the end (Gross but so cool)!
  4. Boosts (optional)-Michele added serums to help with fine lines and skin elasticity. She then put a red LED light (soothes and simulates cell turnover) over my skin for a few minutes to make sure it really absorbed.
  5. Antioxidants-This was the last step after my skin was cleansed, exfoliated, and extracted. This serum cocktail hydrated, plumped, calmed, soothed, and brightened the skin.

**The machine self-cleaned a few times throughout and I loved how sanitary it was!

The Results

Immediately after my skin was literally glowing and a bit red (see my “beauty” highlights on IG) but no pain or stinging whatsoever. The redness went away within about 20 minutes. I will admit-I felt a bit like J-LO with my radiant face, enough so that I braved being makeup free on camera! Days later-my skin is still looking bright, glowy, smoother, and feeling hydrated. For ideal results, it is suggested to get one every 6 to 8 weeks.


I can’t speak for all facilities but at Ageless Skin and Laser Center their signature Hydrafacial is $189 and with a booster it is $199.

Would I Recommend?

I think you already figured out the answer-100% yes! Seeing results so fast, no pain or irritation, anti-aging, taking only about an hour, and lasting effects…why not?? I am excited to further consult with Michele and book more skin care treatments soon!

**Favorite Skin Care Products**

Step 1-Remove my eye makeup

 –>Using this coconut oil 

Step 2-Cleanse

–>This Gentle Skin Cleanser : An oldie but a goodie OR this radiant balm ,which melts off makeup and helps to smooth and clear skin

Step 3-Toner

–>This affordable find (helps to remove excess makeup, soothe skin, fade scars and blemishes and so many more benefits) OR this one that fights off bacteria keeping skin clear and minimizes pores

Step 4-Vitamin E Oil

–>Currently using this one and it does it all – anti-aging, brightens skin and dark spots, helps fade scarring, softens, smooths, and plumps

Step 5-Moisturize

–>I have very dry skin and this moisturizer does wonders!

Once or twice a week I exfoliate with this  and my skin is left looking and feeling so refreshed!

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