Hair Stylin’ Tutorial

I’ve had so many questions on how I style my hair, I decided to make a tutorial. A huge thank you to Rachael Gross at Blu: A Salon Company of Swedesboro, NJ, for all of the tips and pointers! If you are a Philly or South Jersey local, this salon is THE BEST! Make an appointment with Rachael at Blu: A Salon Company, and save $20 on your first visit – just say Lilac and Lip Gloss referred you!

Hope you enjoyed my first ever video tutorial! Next time, I promise I’ll flip the camera horizontally…whoops…sorry about that!

Now the most important part – the products!

 1.  The Shampoo/Conditioner that nourished my hair back to life: Purchase the set on Amazon, or individually at Ulta: Shampoo, Conditioner  

Hair style tutorial - repairing shampoo and conditioner

2.   Apply Smoothing Blowdrying Cream (SO GOOD!): You can pick this one up at Amazon or Ulta. 

*What This Product Does
Light hold, helps fight frizz and humidity
Gives natural movement without weighing hair down

Hair style tutorial - heat protectant

*How to Apply (on damp hair)
Apply in sections
Rub into hands like lotion,
Apply products at ends and work up to roots (starting at roots will weigh hair down and make it greasy)
Comb through

3.    Apply Thermal Spray.  This favorite can also be bought on Amazon or Ulta. 

*What this Product Does
Light hold
Protects up to 450 degrees

Hair style tutorial - Matrix Heat Buffer heat protectant

*How to Apply (can be used on wet or dry hair)
Section hair and spray at arms-length away to avoid greasiness
Always comb through hair before styling

Products Mentioned in Video

Thanks again for watching my tutorial. Next time I promise I’ll try to be more brief (how did that end up being over six minutes long?!) I didn’t even get to a chance to mention anything about my tape-in extensions.  That’ll be a whole other post for another day….

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