Home Tech and Gadget Gift Guide 2018

As we all tend to spend a little more time in the home over the cold winter months, I wanted to put together a tech/gadget gift guide for the home to make that time more enjoyable. Only problem – I don’t know too much about tech – so I consulted my brother-in-law who already had a huge wish list started. I added in some of the cooking items (not sure if that really counts as tech?!) but anything that assists in making a home cooked meal easy and fun is a win in my book. Oh, I also added the Amazon Look because hands free pics would be a total game changer!
Speaking of spending time in the home, I’m going to need to put together a cozy gift guide…cause blankets, pajamas, slippers, etc. are my specialty!
Just click on the item below that you are interested in, and you will be taken directly to that item. Happy shopping!
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