My Salt Facial Experience

*This post was written in partnership with Ageless Skin & Laser Center. Please note that all opinions are 100% my own.
If you live in the South Jersey/Philly area, you definitely want to check out this medical spa. It is located in Sewell, NJ, and offers so many services from microdermabrasion to eyelash extensions. All of the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Dr. Danielle Brenza, who runs the practice, has been named Best Physician for Women and South Jersey Top Doc consecutively since 2012. Ageless is one of the first centers in the region to offer a Salt Facial.
~What is a Salt Facial?~

A relaxing (well mostly-I’ll get to that part later haha), 3 step treatment that will give you AMAZING results with no downtime!
*First Step-exfoliation with organic sea salt to restore
*Second Step-ultrasound to replenish
*Third Step-LED light therapy that is customized for your skin needs to rejuvenate
~Who does it benefit?~
Short answer-everyone!! This treatment has no downtime, negative effects, or harsh chemicals, and works for all skin types. It will make your skin look healthier immediately, improve tone and texture, and feel incredibly soft.
~What’s the process like?~
Let me just start by raving about Michele, my aesthetician. She was by far the most knowledgeable, comprehensive, and friendliest facialist I’ve ever gone to. Herbackground story is just as empowering. Do yourself a favor and request her when making an appointment (although the whole staff is so helpful and great, especially Dr. Brenza,who runs the practice).
Step 1-Exfoliation
Ok, remember when I said that this facial is mostly relaxing? Well this is the part that isn’t exactly going to put you to sleep, but let me tell you, it’s worth it! You will begin by lying down and feel nice and cozy, but then what feels like a suction cup of salt on your face will occur. Now it’s not extremely painful, but I can’t lie and say it feels good either. The craziest part? It’s actually positive pressure making the salt lines, not suction. You’ll first get vertical lines of salt from the hand-held device all over your face and neck, and then horizontal. This is evenly removing the top layer of skin. Just bear with it because your skin will feel like a baby’s bottom when you’re done! I was scared to take a peek in the mirror at this point (totally imagining there would be red streaks all over my face), but Michele assured me that all was good, and she was right! Now your skin is prepped and ready to take in all the antioxidants and moisturizers in step 2.
Step 2-Ultrasound
It’s now time for the relaxing part! An ultrasound device is used to pamper your face with a low percentage of alpha hydroxy acids to facilitate skin turnover at the cellular level and hyaluronic acid gel to promote hydration. This is going to help stimulate collagen to give you a nice, youthful appearance.
Step 3-LED light therapy

Protective goggles will be placed over your eyes and you will lay under an LED light for about 20 minutes. As Michele said, “Just close your eyes and pretend you’re in Aruba.” This light has 4 different types of LED applications, depending on your skin’s needs. I was placed under the red light to promote collagen production. There’s also light to reduce inflammation, remove redness, and improve acne.
~Would I recommend this facial?~

Yes, yes and yes! I have NEVER left a facial before where I didn’t look like I’d been attacked by a bird pecking at my face. I usually hold my breath until I get home and hope that no one sees me until the redness and pimples I didn’t know I had can clear up (expect for the time I got into a car accident right after a facial but that’s a whole other story). BUT when Michele held the mirror up to my face when she was done, I was blown away. Not one spot of red, or new zit that had been found! Just smooth, soft, and literally glowing skin! I actually felt comfortable talking to the girls in the lobby and didn’t put on makeup for the rest of the day. The salt treatment can be done as early as 14 days later, but every 6-8 weeks is ideal to maintain your newly soft and hydrated skin, continue promoting that collagen production, as well as exfoliate away all those harsh chemicals in the environment that we’re exposed to.
*I took this picture as soon as I got home from the facial and am not wearing any makeup, except for the mascara I already had on.

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