Picture Day Ready with Walmart

As you’re rushing everyone out the door you have a nagging feeling you are forgetting something. Everyone is piling in the car and you notice your child has total bed head (oh well), toothpaste residue on his face and shirt (at least he brushed his teeth), and either picked his outfit out in the dark or lacks all fashion sense (but all you can do is shrug because you are just happy he dressed himself). Then it hits you – today’s picture day!
You run upstairs and tear his closet apart looking for something decent, but he’s outgrown pretty much everything picture worthy. With no time to spare, you go for something clean, wrinkle free and matching, and vow you’ll be more prepared next year.

Fast forward to next year …while I was picking out the boys back to school outfits from Walmart, I also made sure to get some cute picture day pieces as well – one less thing to remember during the frantic start of a new school year.
How handsome are these guys?!
A is wearing a matching set ($9!) – it comes in a bunch of patterns and colors. His little $7 sneaks slip on and off (no tying involved) – they are so cute and go with so much.

Love the colors in J’s shirtand it coordinates perfectly with the his adjustable waist shortswhich are $9. He’s been wearing his $15 sneaks non-stop – hope they stay clean for a little while longer!

Now the only thing we have to worry about for picture day is getting that smile (I think he’s confused as to why he’s all dressed for school when we are still in summer mode). Don’t worry bud – we’re going to put away these clothes until school starts so they stay crisp and clean and get back outside and squeeze in some more summer fun!

Shop all of Walmart’s Back to School Fashion here and click below for the pieces J and A are wearing and similar options.

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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