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Saving on Back to School Supplies at Walmart

Don’t mind us, we are just soaking up summer over here!

We’re still having a blast with pool days and beach trips, but school is definitely in the back of our minds. Walmart has over 100 school supplies for under $1 from so many well trusted brands so when Axel insisted on getting school supplies early, how could I say no?! He is so excited to start Kindergarten in the fall, especially after Jameson has told him how much fun his school is going to be (ahhh can’t believe Jameson is moving on up to the next school already!).

Axel has been carrying  his backpack around the house with his notebooks, folders and crayons – too cute! We picked up pencils for $0.47, $0.50 Crayola crayons, $0.54 Elmer’s glue sticks, $0.35 notebooks, 0.74 scissors, and so much more! We shopped  online at  and it was so easy to find what we were looking for.  I even picked them up a couple of new outfits  (their two packs of shorts are under $15!) and couldn’t resist a workout set for myself – love these fun colors.  So happy that offers such a big selection for Back to School! 

Shop all school supplies here and find ours below: 

Shop our outfits here: 

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

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