Seeing Stars

Last year I was watching The Big Bang Theory with the hubs, when Penny comes out wearing the cutest star sweatshirt. Love that show, and Penny!  Immediately, I Googled her look, and found out it was a $200-something sweatshirt. Yes, it was adorable…but $200-something for a sweatshirt?! I could never! So, I’ve been on the hunt for a fun and comfy star sweatshirt ever since.  Mission finally accomplished!  Does anyone else turn a coveted clothing item into a crazy hunt – no matter how impossible it seems to find,  not giving up until you have it?  Or is it just me? Anyway, this star sweatshirt is amazing, and worth the wait. I sized up, just for a longer look.  I feel like I’m wrapped up  in a giant fleece blanket. I just might live in it.

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Other star looks I’m swooning after:

And in case you were wondering what Penny was wearing, you can find her sweatshirt here (although no longer available)

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