Trunk Club 101

As most of you know, I recently tried out Trunk Club and now that my first Trunk has come and gone, I wanted to share all that I learned from my experience, in case you want to try it out too! If you still have any questions after reading this, just let me know! Sign up here.
What is Trunk Club?
A personal styling program offered by Nordstrom. Your stylist gets to know you and will send you different options for your lifestyle and budget!
How much is this going to cost me?
It is a $25 styling fee if you do not have a Nordstrom card. If you buy something from the Trunk, that $25 is credited towards your purchaseIf you have a Nordstrom card, the Trunk is freeYou only pay for what you decide to keep
What do I have to do to get started?
Sign up here

Take a short survey on your style preferences and body type so your stylist can get to you know (only takes a minute or two)Chat with your stylist through their Trunk Club messenger or on the phone to give them an even better feel of what you’re looking forWhen your Trunk is ready, you will be sent a previewYou will then have 48 hours to review your Trunk and make any changes you would like (or you can keep the whole thing a surprise, which could also be fun!)Once you have approved your Trunk, it will be shipped to you for free via UPS within 4-6 business days

I got my trunk, now what?
You have 5 days to try everything on and decide what you would like to return or keepSet up a UPS pickup date (can be done through your trunk club account) for your TrunkReturns are free and return shipping label is included inside of the Trunk
Other Trunk Club Facts
Trunk Club scheduling is completely up to you-you can try it once, schedule it monthly or however you would prefer, or schedule on an as needed basisYou can be as hands-on in the process as you would like. If you would rather your stylist do most of the work then that is completely fine! If you really want to be involved in the selections, that is fine too! You can set up pinterest boards to show your stylist and give suggestions of items you like on the Nordstrom site as wellThere’s about 6-10 items per TrunkOnce your trunk is compiled, you will get suggestions for how to pair all of your items and how to create different looksYou can get alterations for Trunk items at any NordstromUse your Nordstrom card to earn rewards on Trunk purchasesRefer friends to Trunk Club. If they spend $50, you get $50 credit
My Final Thoughts
Trunk Club was a big win for me and something I will continue doing. I thought it was so fun to receive a box of items that I wouldn’t have necessarily found on my own. Who has time to scour through all the pages of Nordstrom? Lesson learned from my first experience-switch out items from my Trunk that are out of my budget so I am not tempted to keep them haha.
In case you missed the video of me unboxing my first Trunk, catch ithere!
See all of my Trunk Club looks below. Just click on any picture to get all the outfit details and links:)

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