Behind the Scenes of a Try-it-on-Thursday Sesh

So I get a lot of questions about how I do the try-ons? Especially with a baby in tow. Here’s the secret, I actually go the day before so that I have plenty of time to load the pics and post them all online.

I have a baby handler, clothes hanger-upper, and opinion giver all in one (baby A isn’t the only giving me feedback)! When our schedules align my sister meets me and things get done so much faster and smoother!

I pretty much bring everything into the dressing room that catches my eye. Most of the time, I’m surprised we’re able to trek all of it through the store! Now that I’m thinking about it, why didn’t we get a cart yesterday? No wonder we got such strange looks! This is just part of what we brought into the dressing room for yesterday’s sesh!

I get distracted. Like I need these glitter shoes! I was going to look for them to bring in the dressing room, but was told I could not bring them in, and then totally forgot about them on the way out! And how adorable is this avocado shirt for Valentine’s Day? It’s not yet online, and if it’s not in your store, you can get a similar one here.

With that being said, I don’t like everything I try on, even though it might look cute on the hanger. And I only show what I like and think will be universally flattering. For instance these both didn’t make the cut (although I did post the purple because of the color…but really, those arms?!)

It takes me a long time to get a get a good shot. I still have no clue where I’m supposed to look when I take a pic in the mirror. And sometimes I get good lighting and sometimes I don’t. Like why am I not even near the mirror on the left, and what was I even thinking with this face on the right?!

How do I know when I snapped enough looks for Try-it-on-Thursday? Baby A lets me know:

Then I get home and search for the items online! And sometimes I can’t even find my favorite try-on sesh pieces, like this one from yesterday! It must be brand new, so I will get the link as soon it’s available online.

I think that’s everything you wanted to know about Try-it-on-Thursday. In case you missed yesterday’s try-on sesh, you can catch it here. Can’t wait for next week!

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