A Peek Inside My Closet

You asked for it, so you shall receive!  Here is a glimpse into my closet.  I promised you it was nothing special, and I meant it! Until I get the organized California Closet of my dreams, or nag my husband enough (how many years do you think that will take?), this will have to do!  Here are some tips and hacks I have done to make my closet easier to “shop.”

Closet Cleaning

I am a purger ( I get a thrill when I can empty out and give away) so I go through my closet every 6 months or so, and donate whatever I haven’t worn for awhile to Purple Heart.

*Tips for purging

  • Have your hangers all face one direction, and anytime you wear something turn it the other way around.  After  6 months to a year, it’s time to say goodbye to anything that you haven’t worn.
  • If you don’t love it, don’t want to wear it, don’t keep it!  My taste and practicality has changed so much over the years.  Those killer stiletto heels that I used to hold on to “just in case”…had to part ways with.


  • Two words:*shower hooks.  I use them for EVERYTHING-hang my camis/tanks, scarves,belts, handbags.  They are amazing!
  • Add in shelving (in my case wire shelves) to store shoes/purses/clothing:
  • Arrange clothes by type, then color within:
  • Hang pants on *hangers to save room and put away easily:

 Speaking of hangers, sometimes I need some motivation when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, just like everyone else! How cute are these hangers my sister made me?!

If you want to make the hangers yourself, you will need *wooden hangers, some adhesive vinyl and a *cutting machine.
Here is a tutorial that she sent for Silhouette Cameo users:
-Open up Silhouette Studio
-Write your sayings in pretty text

 -Size them to be .88 width (or a little smaller if you don’t want letters to wrap around the edge of the hanger)
-Insert your vinyl

  •  Send to be cut
  • Weed your saying
  • Use transfer tape to apply to hanger
  • Apply!

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