Picture Day Ready with Walmart

As you’re rushing everyone out the door you have a nagging feeling you are forgetting something. Everyone is piling in the car and you notice your child has total bed head (oh well), toothpaste residue on his face and shirt (at least he brushed his teeth), and either picked his outfit out in the dark or lacks all fashion sense (but all you can do is shrug because you are just happy he dressed himself). Then it hits you – today’s picture day!You run upstairs and tear his closet apart looking for

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Family Photo Fun

We just had our fall family photos done, and I thought I would share some tips on how to get a good family pic:1. Make sure everyone is well-rested2. Make sure everyone is in a good mood3. Make sure everyone sits still and listens to the photographer’s directionsHope you’re laughing, because I sure am. Getting family picture-ready can seem like coordinating a circus act. You will probably end up with about 100 photos where there’s at least one person who looks like a total mess (a tie between me

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