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Self-Care With New Products from Billie

You already know how obsessed I am with my Billie razor, so I when I heard Billie was launching some new products I got really excited! Now is a great time to be indulging in self-care and these products will have you feeling good, especially since they are all made with completely clean formulations. I have been using the products for a little bit, but they just launched on the website today, and are now available to everyone!  

I’ve always had a hard time finding makeup wipes that don’t irritate my skin. So I’ve been amazed by the results that I’m seeing with these, aptly named Wonder Wipes. Here’s my review – they’ve been really gentle on my skin (not drying at all), have a brightening effect, don’t make my skin feel sticky or tight, and are great at getting all my makeup off easily (don’t have to rub the same spots repeatedly) !  So to sum it up, they make my skin feel and look so good!

I’ve been wearing the Super Salve lip balms non-stop because they’ve been making my lips feel so hydrated. Some have a really pretty tint and unique, quirky flavors and a couple are untinted.  And they are made of all natural ingredients making them nice and clean!

Looove a good dry shampoo and this one is sooo good! And just saying the name “Floof” makes me smile. It’s so different than what I’m used to using. I’ve only ever used sprays and this is a powder – but it leaves no mess –  so no worries about getting it on your clothes! You just shake it in your hair and work it in. Not only does it take care of the grease without drying out your hair, it gives your hair some nice volume too. Cleaner, fresher hair with more volume — what’s not to love? There are two shades to choose from to match your hair color (I went with the light one because I tend to lighten my hair heading into spring/summer). 

Enjoy these products from Billie, and your quiet moments relishing in self-care.

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