My Diet and Exercise Routine

I get a ton of questions regarding how I stay fit and promised I’d write a blog post. So here it is!

Fortunately I have good genetics (thanks mom and dad!). Unfortunately genetics aren’t everything, and as I get older I’m noticing it’s taking more work (ugh) to stay slim and keep healthy. I try my best to get in a challenging workout at least four times a week (but I don’t beat myself up if that doesn’t happen) and follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to eating healthy (which I enjoy, but there are certain foods I can’t live without – looking at you chocolate chips).
Between working and momming, I really don’t have time to go to a gym or make extravagant meals (well that has more to do with I have very little interest in cooking and my picky eaters totally wouldn’t appreciate my effort…but I’m working on it!). I choose workouts that are convenient, work around my schedule, and that I enjoy so I can stay motivated. When it comes to nutrition, convenience is key.
Does chasing a very active two-year-old count? A is always on the move, and doesn’t understand what it means to proceed with caution, so I’m always running to catch up. He also loves his stroller (thank goodness), so when it’s nice out, we get out for nice long walks.
I recently got a spin bike that I love (well actually TJ got me a spin bike that I love … I told him I wanted a Peloton, he laughed and got me a bike on Amazon). But it’s great and has adjustable settings so it works for me at 5’1. I bought the Peloton app ($20 a month) and take the on-demand classes through my Apple TV.
I am obsessed with Beachbody workouts (I don’t get paid to say this and am not a coach…I just really like them). There’s so many programs to choose from, and it’s only $99 for the year. I’ve done a bunch of their workouts and am currently finishing up Transform 20 with Shaun T. All you need is a little bit of space and a step. I’m about to begin the brand new program, Morning Meltdown 100 – can’t wait!
If I don’t feel like working out too hard, but want to get some steps in (and some alone time with my Netflix), I go on the treadmill. I started re-watching Friends (can’t believe it’s leaving Netflix in 2020!), and every episode still cracks me up like I’m watching it for the first time (can’t think of any other show that can do this for me).
I like anything quick, convenient, and healthy. I recently started ordering from Harvest (you can try three free cups with code lilac), and while I could probably put together my own smoothies, it’s so much easier having everything prepackaged and not having to buy a ton of ingredients that I normally would not use. If I’m on the go, I like to grab a protein bar which keeps me full (probably not the healthiest breakfast – but I do eat them often heading into school).
While I wish I could eat tacos all day every day, we do stick to a pretty lean diet. Lots of salads, chicken, salmon, tuna, turkey, shrimp, whole grains, veggies and fruit. We use our air fryer for many of our meals, which makes cooking (for TJ) easy and cuts down on fat.

I try not to be a big snacker (unless my kids’ goldfish are laying around…such a trap!). I typically have one afternoon snack – trail mix, a Luna Bar, kid’s Cliff Bar, or Trader Joe’s unsweetened dried mango.

Now let’s talk dessert – I must have something sweet after dinner. My go-to is cut up strawberries with chocolate chips – yum! 

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting on and off for the last 2 years and have to say I like it and see results. Now that it’s summer I do it at a minimum 4 to 5 days a week. I typically don’t eat between the windows of 8:00 pm and 12:00 pm the next day (I do have a cup of black coffee in the morning). TJ also does intermittent fasting so it helps us stay on track.

I love it. I crave it. I need it! I feel like it would be hard to stick with any diet and exercise routine without it. I try to get at least 7 hours a night. Unfortunately my brain decides to have a party as soon as the lights go out. I bought a weighted blanket last year, and most of the time it really does help!
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