Gobble Gobble

So when I was in nursery school (do they still call it nursery school anymore?), we made these apple turkeys. And I’m pretty sure I’ve been making them every year since. Yup, even in college with no kids in sight, my sister and I would put together these things on Thanksgiving…haha. Thank goodness we have kids now and a good excuse to make them! 

These are super easy to put together and keep the kids busy while the turkey is in the oven. You can use whatever you have on hand. Just grab some tooth picks and get going! We used gumdrops for the feathers (but mini marshmallows, or Cheerios and grapes would work too…I actually might recommend that to avoid a sugar overload if you want them to stay seated at the dinner table when it’s time to gobble down!), a giant marshmallow for the head, and candy corn for the beak. J insisted on the googly eyes…so I guess he won’t be eating that part…I’ll have to remind him not to anyway!

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